Setting up in Abu Dhabi

Main benefits of allowing us to sponsor you in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Quality - we will ensure that the service we provide to you is of an extremely high standard. Our aim is to ensure that you’re completely satisfied. This is because we would like you to recommend us to others.
  2. Control – we only act as your sponsor to simply fulfil the local legal requirement. It’s an arms length relationship. We don’t get involved in the management of your branch office. We simply assist in the communication with the branch office and Abu Dhabi government departments.
  3. Flexibility – we understand that circumstances can change easily and therefore we have no issue with enabling you to terminate any sponsorship arrangement you have with us.
  4. Unbiased – we have no bias to any particular organisation nor do we favour any particular provider of services. Several organisations will offer to be your local sponsor on the basis that they have influence and can “open doors”. In our experience, this is often not the case. Allying yourself to any particular local organisation often means that other doors, which would have normally remained open, get instantly closed.

Business in Abu Dhabi:

Each Emirate follows its own procedures governing the operations of foreign business interests. In practice, however, Abu Dhabi and the other emirates follows the same general system, whereby foreign companies operate in one of four ways:

  1. as a foreign branch office with a local sponsor, or
  2. through a private limited liability company (LLC); or
  3. through a commercial agency with a UAE national or company, or
  4. by way of operating in one of the free zones.

We can act as your local sponsor for your branch office or as the local shareholder in an LLC

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