Our Services

Acting as local sponsor for foreign branch offices and establishments.

Acting as nominee shareholder for LLCs.

Our other range of services includes the following:

  • PRO services – which may include incorporating branch offices and companies and then obtaining the relevant clearances from immigration and labour (e.g. visas), procuring offices for the purposes of obtaining trade licences. Click here for more information on our PRO services.
  • General PRO services – which may include obtaining other government consents and licences (supreme petroleum council, civil aviation authority, education council, renewal of business licences, transfer of shares, notarisation of documents, change of general managers etc.)
  • Relocation services – provide advice and assistance to your employees on moving to Abu Dhabi, including undertaking school searches and identification of residential accommodation and rent negotiations with local landlords. This if often undertaken by way of sending the employee a questionnaire in advance to determine the requirements sought. We can also arrange to provide you with a one-stop shop to ensure all the local requirements for employees are adhered to (visas, driving licences, ID cards etc). Click here for more information on relocation services.
  • Payroll services – we can provide outsourced pay roll services, which would satisfy the Workers Compensation Protection Scheme.
  • Culture training – Sometimes getting the basics wrong can cost you the deal. We have specifically trained companies in the past on basic business etiquette. Including general conduct, dress codes cultural differences and sensitivities.

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