LLC Setup Support

Main features of setting up a Limited liability Company (LLC):

  1. Activities – An LLC is generally regarding as the appropriate vehicle for trading and contracting activities here in Abu Dhabi. The activity of the LLC is an important aspect of incorporating it and therefore you would need to ensure that the local requirements are met. 
  2. Liability and tax The LLC is a separate legal entity and therefore as a shareholder of the LLC, your liability as shareholder is limited to the capital that you have invested. The revenue of the LLC is subject to local taxation (which is currently 0% for most businesses). 
  3. Sponsor The LLC does not require a local sponsor. However, a UAE national must own 51% of the shares in an LLC. uae solutions can act as your local shareholder on a nominee basis and would ensure that you retain 100% ownership and management control of the LLC. In order to find out more about the benefits of using us in this way, please refer to Setting up in Abu Dhabi.

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